100% Bamboo Toilet Paper, Plastic Free And Vegan

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Reimagine Everyday Essentials With Sustainable Alternatives

Why Something Organic Toilet Paper?

100% Bamboo

Responsibily sourced in FSC certified panda free zone.

Plastic Free

#UnplasticThePlanet to reduce and replace single use plastic.

100% Recyclable

100% recyclable from the wrapper to the core. Every bit is recyclable.

No Nasties

No inks, dyes, or fragrances. TP has less additives so ideal for sensitive skin.

Won’t Break the Bank

300 sheets + 3ply = rolls last 2X as long.


Wipe more with less; strong too so it doesn’t tear easily.

Did You Know?

Something Cheeky Bamboo Toilet Paper 12 Rolls

The safest, softest, most-sustainable, tree free toilet paper on the planet.

Every Wipe Matters

We don’t just wanna save trees (and the planet and make TP you wanna brag about), we want to empower women.

Thats why we contribute 10% Something Cheeky profits to fund micro loans to support women.

See Our Mission

The Problem With Paper From Trees And Plastic Packaging

165 Sheets Per Person,
Per Day

The US alone consumes enough paper daily to print 5.5 million copies of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Ecosystem Extinction

Medicinal plants and indigenous animals are becoming extinct because of deforestation.

Pollutes Air, Land & Sea

Paper is the third largest industrial polluter releasing well over 220 million pounds of toxic pollution each year.

Endangering Wildlife On
Sea And Land

Each year, 100,000 animals in the sea are killed by plastic and plastic take hundreds of years to break down.

The Bottom Line

We’re flushing 120 million rolls from trees into sewage systems every day

(and negatively impacting our oceans with 219 million single use plastics from TP packaging alone)

Help Our Ocean
Something Cheeky can save 27,000 trees per day (used exclusively for toilet-tissue) from being cut down and polluting the planet.

We imagined a solution that was earth-friendly, tree-free, and plastic- free that would allow families to make a significant contribution without a lot of effort and without turning their lives upside down.

Help Save Trees

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